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NivoRadar® - NR3000
Continuous Level Measurement

UWT's NivoRadar sensors are used for continuous level measurement in bulk storage silos. This compact sensor measures distances up to 100m (328ft) and due to its high sensitivity it is suitable for measurement of almost all bulk materials.

The 78GHz FMCW radar uses two-wire technology and is commissioned via a local programmer with display and an easy to operate Quick Start Wizard.  The high frequency signal with its small beam angle of  4° and its very short wavelength allows optimum reflection of the bulk solids material even when faced with a large material mound and can be used for continuous monitoring of solids in silos up to 100m.  The fequency difference, which is directly proportional to the distance, is then processed and provided as a level signal.  This makes the sensor suitable for use in narrow, tall silos and simplifies the installation and commissioning of the device.

The ability to withstand high process temperatures and dusty atmospheres means that this free radiating radar sensor provides accurate and reliable measurement results making it the perfect all-rounder for most types of bulk solids.

NivoRadar® - NR3000

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NivoRadar® - NR3000