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Temperature Sensors

The range of temperature items available from Pyrosales include thermocouples, resistance thermometers (RTDs), thermowells, thermocouple cable and wire, protection sheaths, thermal imaging devices, temperature gauges and much more.

Pyrosales manufactures all temperature sensors in Australia. Utilising our engineer’s expert knowledge and advice, we are also able to assist you in choosing the correct sensors and accessories to suit your application.

Pyrosales manufactures thermocouples from sub zero temperatures, to high temperatures – all customised to what you need.

We know that every application and process is varied, so we custom manufacture to any specification. Anything temperature related – Pyrosales has you covered!

Calibration services are also a part of Pyrosales offerings – helping you and your temperature devices perform to their best abilities and maintain quality assurance. Contact us for more information.

Glass Industry Sensors

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Glass Industry Sensors