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The term of Expendables refers to all the refractory pieces involved in the process of feeding the molten glass to the forming machines for every kind of glass production, including:

  • container glass
  • tableware
  • cosmetics
  • lighting
  • pharmaceutical glass
  • rolled, flat glass
  • crystal
  • ...

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SEFPRO provides a complete range of products for all types of expendables. They are mainly manufactured by slip cast process, but also by fused cast and vibrocast processes.
Expendables are the very last refractory pieces in contact with the glass, and as such must display the highly specific properties of good corrosion resistance, low blistering rate and low stoning rate.

Therefore, for the manufacturing of expendables, SEFPRO places particular emphasis on glass contact properties, geometry and dimensional precision and strict, permanent follow-up of quality.

In addition, as expendables is actually a "service Market" where fast response time is imperious, SEFPRO has managed:

  • a customer service dedicated to expendables, located on the production site
  • a large stock of standard pieces.