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Regenerators packings are truly the lungs of the glass furnace. They decisively influence furnace performance and the quality of the glass produced.

Since 1973, SEFPRO has developed successive generations of innovative electrofused solution using the CRUCIFORMS® product range which enable each glassmaker to design their own personalised regenerator packing for every type of glass.

CRUCIFORMS® checker performance actively participates in lowering production cost:

  • Thermal efficiency results in both fuel savings and lower fume volume
  • The good resistance to physico-chemical attacks assures stable operating conditions and high quality glass. Therefore glassmakers can maintain regular production
  • Sustained thermal characteristics over time reinforce fuel savings and also facilitate a rapid return to previous fuel setting after changes in glass colour, composition or pull rates
  • High resistance to corrosion avoids intermediate repairs
  • Reduced risk of plugging enhances performance stability and lowers maintenance
  • In addition to supplying the features described above, CRUCIFORMS® product regenerator ensures rapid and reliable assembly.



All CRUCIFORMS® products are electrically melted refractory products cast in metal moulds and are available in three materials:

  • ER 55XX RX pure electrofused spinel ( > 99% MgAl2O4) a worldwide technical premiere. This new material proposes the greatest alkali resistance on the market. This product can withstand NaOH corrosion and sodium sulphates'corrosion. It ensures a long furnace lifetime whatever the furnace combustion. 
  • ER 5312 RX electrofused alumina has a very high resistance to alkali attack and is used to extend service life at the top part of the packing.
  • ER 1682 RX electrofused AZS with 30% ZrO2 is employed in the middle and the bottom part of the packing to prevent any reaction with sodium sulphates condensation.


Each CRUCIFORMS® models or types are distinguished by their size, their thickness and the type of surface, whether smooth or corrugated:

  • Type 2 CRUCIFORMS®, in addition to being 40 mm thick, offer the ability to adapt the flue size from 130 to 170 mm to better fit the chamber dimensions. Therefore Type 2 are used for local reinforcement of heavy-wear zones, such as the top part of packings subject to high carry-over or the condensation zones for corrosion glass.
  • Type 3 CRUCIFORMS®, have a reduced thickness of 30 mm with flue size from 140 to 180 mm. They provides a large specific exchange surface and therefore increased thermal efficiency. Type 3 are used for the bottom area of soda-lime glass furnaces packing where they provide a better thermal performance than Type 4.
  • Type 4 CRUCIFORMS®, have a unique corrugated shape to optimise the convection heat exchange in the middle ant top area of regenerator packings. In combination with Type 3 or Type 6, Type 4 provide the optimum packing design for soda-lime glass furnaces.
  • Type 6 CRUCIFORMS®, are specifically design with large flue size to reduce the risk of plugging in the sulphate condensation zone. The Type 6 flue size from 320 to 350 mm are compatible with the use of Type 4 in the upper part of the packing.
  • Type 8 CRUCIFORMS®, a new shape for thermal performance improvement, easy installation and long and safe lifetime. Compatible with both Type 3/Type 4 & Type 6/Type 4 solutions, will allow glassmakers to significantly reduce their fuel consumption and improve their carbon footprint.