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Engine Compartment Extinguisher

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The Extinguisher is specifically designed for Armoured Vehicle Systems.

The extinguisher contains environmental friendly fire suppression agent HFC227ea. The special design of the cylinder’s valve enables rapid valve opening. The agent is dispersed in the engine compartment via piping and nozzles.

Cylinders are available in various capacities, conform to either DOT or EU standards, include safety devices such as safety relief valve and anti-recoil device

PN 765348

  • High Speed Response - less than 5 msec
  • Unique Valve Design - no moving parts
  • Hermetically Sealed Valve
  • Fast Agent Release
  • Pressure Switch for Cylinder Status Indication
  • Visual Pressure Gauge
  • Filling valve MS28889-2
  • High Reliability
  • MTBF minimum 250,000 hours